Terms & Conditions


LDN Hire here in after may be referred to as “we”, “our”, or “us”.

Our terms & conditions policy can be subject to change with no prior notice when hiring vehicles through LDN Hire.


In the event of a complaint, if you are not satisfied or happy with our company service, you must contact us and seek assistance to find a solution as soon as the problem arises.  If you are unsuccessful, complaints should be submitted in writing within 14 days from the termination date of hire. We will aim to reply fully within 28 days.

Please submit all E-mails in relation to complaints to reservation@ldnhire.co.uk

LDN Hire promises to ensure we solve any disagreements as quickly and efficiently as possible, as we always priorities our customer’s satisfaction and needs.

Smoking Policy:

We have a strict non-smoking policy on all our vehicles. If a vehicle has been returned with evident signs of smoking in which the state of the vehicle is affected by smell or physically then cleaning fees will apply as we would have to clean and deodorize the vehicle due to smoking.

If you are provided a vehicle which seems to have signs of prior smoking by another customer, please contact your local branch customer service team who will assist you further.

Data protection:

Any information you will or have provided to us will be used in accordance with all laws relating to privacy and Data Protection Act 2018.
The information provided will also be used in accordance to our privacy policy.

Your information may be shared with different members of groups that we work with such as insurance, law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, credit reference agencies, DVLA, BVRLA.

LDN Hire may provide your information to our third-party partner services to act on our behalf and assist us in carrying out our business while abiding to the same or similar privacy policy standards which allows us to maintain our security measures in protecting your personal information.

If you are to provide us with information in relation to a third party member, you must have prior consent and confirm that the third party member has allowed you to share personal information with us and you have notified the third party member of our terms and conditions and privacy policy in which they also abide by.

We may use your information to inform you about other products or services that we offer and think might be of interest and contact you in relation to quality control purposes and to improve our service team by asking you to conduct a questionnaire. Furthermore, your information may be used for marketing and research purposes. If you do not want to be contacted or take part in any survey or product update we undertake. Then please contact your local branch or advise us verbally or in writing.

This clause will continue even after your booking has been terminated.

Pet Policy:

We have a strict no pet policy in our hired vehicles, this is due to health and safety issues. However, disabilities and the use of service animals are permitted. Please note that there will be additional cleaning fee for pet residue left behind, therefore please do return the vehicle clean and free of any residue such as hair as the driver/renter will be held responsible.

Communications & Modifications:

Calls may be recorded for training, quality and security purposes.

Any notice, agreement or other communication that LDN Hire sends to you electronically will satisfy all legal communication requirements.

We reserve all rights to impose restrictions on features and services provided with no notice or liability to yourself or any third-party member.
We reserve all rights to change or discontinue any part of our website features or services in our sole discretion.

Mileage, Fuel & Additives:

Unlimited Mileage – Fair usage policy (FUP) – 100 miles per day. FUP applies to all rental agreements of minibuses, MPV’s and commercial vehicles. If additional mileage is required, please contact your local branch who will be able to assist you further. In the event of the vehicle returning with additional mileage than stated as per rental agreement then extra charges may apply.

Fuel Policy – like to like policy (LTLP) – all vehicles must return with the same fuel level provided at the start of your hire.
If vehicle is returned with lesser fuel at the end of your rental then you will be accountable to pay for vehicle re-fuel surcharge fee which relates to the following:
The cost of refueling the hired vehicle back to the same level at start of rental.

Please note that we do not provide any credit/refund for any additional unused fuel.

ADBLUE – Vehicles supplied may require ADBLUE which is the driver/hirer of the vehicle responsibility to make sure that it is at a moderate level If warning signs are displayed.

Incorrect fuel usage – if wrong full has been inputted into the vehicle by the driver/hirer of the vehicle, then you are responsible for all repairs and costs incurred as a result of driver/hirer negligence.

European Hire:

When travelling to Europe the hirer/driver must abide by the rules and regulations while not breaching our terms. LDN Hire will provide European cover however it is the hirer/driver responsibility to contact local authorities to confirm they are able to drive any of the hired vehicles.

Additional charges apply if you wish to travel abroad with your vehicle hire.

You must inform us prior to booking vehicle hire if you intend to travel to Europe as you would require European insurance which is mandatory.  If terms of hire are breached and vehicle has been taken abroad without prior consent, then the driver/hirer will be at risk of prosecution and additional charges incurred.

Please plan your journey allowing enough time for your travel as we do not take responsibility for any delays that transpire such as missed ferries and Euro tunnel crossings. Furthermore, please do allow extra time for your journey as matter such as VRN upon delivery is different to sample registration provided then customer will be held responsible.

LDN Hire will not be responsible in providing equipment’s such as high viz jackets and European kits. Our vehicles are supplied with fully road legal tyres, should you require a specific tyre type please notify us prior to booking your vehicle hire.

LDN Hire will not be responsible for costs such as tax/duties by the driver when travelling through European countries and for any legal requirements.

LDN Hire will hold the hirer/driver responsible against all costs, losses, claims or damages, expenses and liabilities of whatsoever nature suffered, incurred or sustained by Owner as a result of or in connection with:
-Vehicle to break down abroad due to driver negligence
-Vehicle to be impounded/ seized


If the hirer/driver of the vehicle breach any terms and conditions of this binding contract or if the vehicle is used for unlawful purposes or driven when it is unlawful to do so, then the contract will be terminated without prejudice and the vehicle must be returned within 24 hours or if you do not follow our instructions to do so then we may repossess the vehicle without prior notice at your expense.

On termination of agreement the renter/hirer/driver shall no longer be in possession of the vehicle and will return the vehicle in the same condition as received using the check sheet as evidence. Fair ware and tear is expected.

The renter/hirer/driver will be held fully responsible for the vehicle until it has been handed over to one of our team members therefore full T&C will apply.

Cancellation Policy:

You may wish to cancel your booking for any unforeseen circumstance and you are entitled to cancel your booking before the start date.

Please contact us via E-mail or telephone to make us aware of your cancellation.

If you cancel your booking 72 hours or more prior to your booking start date then a 50% cancellation fee will apply.

If you cancel your booking less than 72 hours prior to your booking start date, then a full cancellation fee will apply, and we will not refund any sums paid by you to us.

We will deduct cancellation charges from the sums paid by yourself and then refund the amount other than any credit/debit card fees paid by us and if necessary, any deposit paid.

No show- if you are not present to collect your vehicle and grace period applied then your booking will be treated as a no show and will be cancelled with full cancellation charges apply.

If you are to cancel a same day booking, then full cancellation fees will apply, and you will not be refunded.

All deposits paid towards rental charge are non-refundable.

You do not have any rights to cancel under the ‘Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013’ (information, cancellation and additional charges) as this is a contract for the supplies of all vehicle rental services.


Payments and deposits must be authorized by the cardholder provided at the time of the booking. We withhold the right to cancel your booking without prior notice if we have reason to believe that you or the cardholder are associated with any type of fraudulent activities.

Delivery and Collection Service (D&C):

Please note that we do provide a D&C service subject to availability and at an additional charge. We reserve the right to cancel our D&C service without any prior notice.

Delivery and collection time slots: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 19:00 and Saturday 9:00 – 14:00 only.

If you require delivery and collection out of these hours please contact your local branch to confirm whether we are able to meet your requirement beforehand, additional charges may apply.

If you have opted for our D&C service, you must ensure that you send us all correct/valid required credentials of all named drivers of vehicle hire 72 hours prior to your rental start date. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your D&C service.
You will be offered the option to the collect the vehicle from your local branch.

Pre-Delivery: we may request to pre-deliver the vehicle to ensure your vehicle hire will be with you at the requested start date and time. You will not be charged for this service. However, some circumstances might prevent us from doing so in which you will be offered the option to collect the vehicle from your local branch.

Abortive charge: should we attempt to deliver or collect the hired vehicle at the agreed date, time and location but are unable to do so then an abortive charge may apply.

Delivery Process:
The driver/renter/hirer must be present upon delivery of the vehicle presenting valid driver license of the named driver of the vehicle hire.
-Our driver will conduct a vehicle damage inspection of the vehicle alongside you noting down all instances of damages.
You will fill out and sign all paperwork in relation to your hire. Failure to do so will result in termination of your contract.
It is the hirer’s responsibility to make payments towards all traffic/toll charges applicable Should the vehicle travel through a specific road or area in order to deliver the vehicle. Admin fee of charge may apply.

Collection Process:
The driver/renter/hirer must be present upon collection of vehicle, you understand and accept that you are fully responsible for the vehicle until you have handed over the keys of the vehicle to a member of our team. In circumstances where we are unable to collect the vehicle you understand and accept to keep the vehicle for an additional period of (24) hours after the rental end date and time in which you will still be held responsible for the vehicle which includes but is not limited to parking fines, clamping charges, towing away, damage, theft etc.
You will sign all paperwork in relation to your hire.
If you are not going to be available for collection please contact us ASAP to notify us. please email reservations@ldnhire.co.uk with a key location. The key can be places in a safe location or authorized person however you will still be held responsible in accordance to the terms and conditions specified above.

One Way Hires:  If applicable, additional fee will be applied.


The renter/driver/hirer will be held responsible for incurring all fines and penalties. You must pay all costs and charges which are in result of a fine such as congestion charge, road-traffic offence, parking charges, toll charges, fixed penalty offences etc.

We may pay any fine or penalty charges that are notified to us be the relevant issuing authority. We will invoice you the total amount in which you agree that we may deduct the charges from the debit/credit card account provided at the time of hire.

You are to be charged an admin fee of £45 + VAT if we are to process and deal with any fine or penalty that is incurred by the renter/hirer/driver

We may provide your information to the relevant authority who will then take necessary means in representing the fine or penalty to the renter/driver/hirer.

I.D Required for hiring:

When hiring any vehicle, we will require the following forms of I.D

  • Full UK valid photo card driving license or EU valid driving licence or full non-UK/non-EU valid driving licence along with international driving permit (Front & Back).
  • 2 x proofs of address required, dated within the last 3 months. (The following are accepted bank Statement, council tax, mortgage statement, utility bill).

Driving License & Age limits:

If you are using a non-UK/EU driver license then it must be accompanied with a valid international driver permit.

The Renter/Driver/Hirer and each named driver must:

- Must have a held a full driving license for a minimum of (2) years.
- Must have the correct license. You cannot hire a manual vehicle if you have an only automatic license.
- Must have a minimum driving experience of (2) years.
- Must meet the age requirement of 25 – 70 years old.

We have the right to refuse to provide a vehicle to you or any named driver has received an endorsement for:
- Dangerous driving
- Driving whilst drunk or on drugs
- Theft or unauthorised taking of vehicles
- Disqualification for twelve (12) months
- More than 6 current points on your license (minor offences only)
-Any of the following: AC,BA,CD,DD,DG,DR,IN,UT,TT (within 5 years of offence)
-Two (2) or more periods of disqualification.

If we have refused your rental as you have not complied with our requirements or have not provided us with correct legitimate documentation, we reserve the right to not refund any sums paid by you to us (except for any deposit that has been paid).

Please note: License restrictions may apply full T&C apply.

Vehicle and Availability:

We do not offer any guarantee on the make or model of the vehicle you will receive.
Our vehicles are supplied as per category rather than specific make/model.
Vehicles that appear on the website and where displayed vehicle measurements, descriptions are for approximate and guidance only and may be substituted for an alternative vehicle within the same category or greater.
If we cannot provide you with a vehicle within the vehicle category you have selected for your hire, we reserve the right to upgrade the vehicle at no extra cost to you to another vehicle group of the same or greater value.

We reserve the right to refuse any vehicle hires delivered due to extreme weather change conditions and operational difficulties beyond our control. This clause includes our delivery and collection service.

Damage, Fault and Theft:

You must notify us immediately if any vehicle is damages or if a fault develops in any vehicle (including any warning lights) or a vehicle is otherwise lost or stolen. In which you are required to fill out an accident claim form as soon as possible.

You must co-operate and assist us and carry out all acts as reasonably required by us to repair or recover a vehicle you have hired. Furthermore, you must assist us reasonably in relation to the defense of any claim involving the vehicle where an accident has occurred not aiding any claim against us.

At our request you shall enforce any rights or remedies against or obtaining relief from other parties and delivery to us all documentation you have received by legal authorities or other third-party members.

You accept and agree that all information you have provided is accurate, complete, not misleading and to the best of your knowledge.

You agree and acknowledge that you are not entitled to make a claim against us for loss or damage to any property that you have left within the vehicle.

At all times of hire make sure that you do not leave the keys in the vehicle whilst you are not driving the vehicle. If the vehicle is stolen please supply us with a police crime reference. If evidence reveals that vehicle has been stolen due to driver negligence then the insurance will be void and the renter/driver/hirer will be liable to recover all costs which full vehicle costs, losses, claims or damages, expenses and liabilities of whatsoever nature suffered, incurred or sustained by us.

Please take these terms seriously, if any act or failure to comply with the terms by you causes or contributes to the invalidation of the manufacturers warranty then you will be liable to all costs incurred by us.

Payment & Deposit:

You must pay all rental charges including any additional charges that may apply before, during and after your booking.

Payments can be made via credit, debit or bank transfers. Transaction fee may apply with some card providers.

We also require a security deposit to be paid varying on the size of the vehicle at the amounts of £250/£350/£500/£1200(using a valid debit or credit card) before we are able to release a vehicle.

Any other charges that you incur will be deducted from the deposit upon return of the vehicle. If the charges incurred only become after the deposit has been refunded, then you will be liable to make full payment within (7) business working days from the date stated on the letter.

You agree and accept that we have the right to deduct any amount due from you to us from any amount that we owe or is due to you from us.

All payments are to be made in British Pound Sterling (GBP).

Additional Charges & Roadside Assistance:

Losing keys: In the event of the renter/driver/hirer mislaid or lost the key under any circumstance, then you will be liable for all charges which include but are not limited to:
-Replacing missing key
-Replacing and reprogramming of central locking key fob
-Replacing full lock set

If you need us to provide roadside assistance, repair, or recover the vehicle. Then you may be liable for all charges unless the vehicle has a mechanical defect (not caused by you).
Circumstances in which you may be charged include but are not limited to the following:
-Wrong fuel is place in the vehicle
-Vehicle lights are left on
-A puncture occurs
-Windscreen is damaged
-Vehicle is damaged
-Vehicle under-carriage/roof is damaged
-Accident or incident occurs

If at any point you require any type of roadside assistance, then please use the breakdown contact numbers provided. If you are unable to do so, then please contact us to assist you further.

Please note in any vehicle breakdown, it is not guaranteed that you are to provide the vehicle of the same category, this depends on the breakdown company and the country in which you have broken down in.

Vehicle Return & Grace Period

At LDN Hire we try our best to be as flexible as possible to help our customers if we have been informed in advance. However, we do have our set terms and conditions for vehicle return, as mentioned below;

Time, Date and Location:

In this industry we run our reservations as per rota, which means all vehicles need to be returned to the agreed location, time and date as it may cause delays otherwise which can affect our business and can incur further costs. Upon the return vehicle must be handed over to one of our representative and until it is done so, you will be held responsible for the vehicle.

Vehicle Condition:

It is vital for all customers to be aware of the vehicle condition upon collecting or receiving as we do expect all our vehicles to be returned in the exact same condition as they were handed over to yourself.

To run a smoother vehicle return procedure a thorough inspection will be held on both occasions; collecting or getting the vehicle delivered and as well as returning the vehicle back to us (with the exception and consideration of minor wear and tear). This inspection can only be carried out with the main driver insured on the vehicle.

Grace Period:

LDN Hire provides a standard grace period of 60 minutes for any vehicles to be returned past their reserved return time. However, there will be an additional charge as per rota if any driver does fail to return the vehicle within this time period.

Early Returns and Extensions:

Early returns are possible and can be arranged depending on your local branch, however no refunds will be made due to any early returns. All extensions needs to be arranged 24 hours prior to your agreed vehicle return date and time. If you require an extension time for any unforeseen circumstance, please contact the rental office where you can arrange an extension time of original rental. Failure to do so will result in the vehicle being uninsured therefore further charges may apply. Please note this will be subject to availability


We shall have no liability to you for any loss, damage, cost, expense or other claim for compensation arising from any information or instructions supplied to us by you which are incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, illegible, out of sequence or in the wrong form or which arise from late arrival or non-arrival of the same or any other fault attributable to you.

If you use our website and/or contact us by telephone but do not make a reservation then we exclude all liability to you to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by our negligence we shall not be liable to you for reason of any representation (unless fraudulent) or any implied warranty, condition or other term or any other duty at common law or under the express terms of any contract for any loss of profit or any indirect special or consequential loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims (whether caused by the negligence of the company, its servants, agents or otherwise) which arises out of or in connection with the provision of a quotation, a reservation or any other services provided by us and our entire liability under or in connection with the provision of a quotation, the making of a reservation and any other services supplied shall not exceed the amount paid by you to us for a quotation and or reservation and other services.

We shall not be liable to you or be deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of our obligations in relation to the services to be provided to you if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond our reasonable control including without limitation: strikes, lockouts, adverse weather conditions, security alerts, airport closures, terrorist actions, pandemics, government restrictions and/or acts of God.

LDN Hire may act as a vehicle hire broker for various independent vehicle rental companies. Clients should note that the contract for vehicle hire is between the hirer and the Supply company. LDN Hire accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, injury or death, whether arising from negligence, breach of contract or any other cause. LDN Hire deny any liability for suppliers not fulfilling the contract.

Insurance Excess & Deposits

Upon collection of the hire vehicle You must produce to the local branch a valid credit card or debit card in the name of the main driver to act as a security deposit.

Upon collection we may also require an insurance excess deposit be made by You to cover it against the risk of damage or theft occurring to the hire vehicle. Your local branch determines the amount of this insurance excess deposit. If you require details of any excess that may be applicable you may call us for details.

If you choose to accept collision damage waiver, then your liability (and that of any additional driver) in respect of any such losses will be limited to the insurance excess shown on the rental agreement.

You are advised to check the details of the insurance cover of the hire vehicle at the time that you collect your hire vehicle as it is common for there to be exclusions in respect of damage to items such as windscreens, tyres, undersides, roofs, wing mirrors, interiors, willful damage, vandalism etc.

Your use of the vehicle is covered by the terms of our insurance policy. The insurance policy meets all legal requirements and protects you against legal claims from any person for death or personal injury or damage to any other person’s property caused by the use of the vehicle. Exclusions to the policy will be overhead height damage, tyre damage, under carriage damage and windscreen damage

In the event of us outsourcing your reservation to one of your local branches; Nothing within these terms and conditions entitles any supplier or local branch to make any charges against your credit card without your authority. If any such unauthorized charges are made You should take this up with the supplier directly. We take no responsibility for any such unauthorized charge.